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Below are samples of work that I have created for clients



Social Media Graphic

This was created for one client to increase their visibility and engagement on their social media platforms. The graphic increased their enrollment in their upcoming web seminar by 15%. 


Flyer for Event

This was created for a client for an upcoming in-person retreat that they were hosting. It increased their enrollment by 30%.

Graphic Mystic Living Event Postcard Website.png
Screenshot 2023-05-25 140701.jpg


Blog Post

The blog was written for a client who posted it on their website to educate their readers on the benefits of estate planning. There was a call to action to book a consultation with the firm.


Flyer for PTA

My last project showcases how this flyer increased membership for this client's organization. The member engagement gained 20% more members. 

Sample Flyer PTA.JPG
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