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Skilled Administrative Professional

with 10 Years' Experience

Hi. I'm Lauren. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses by taking over administrative tasks so you can get back to what is important---serving your clients!

I started Evans Virtual Services because my mother always had her own business when I was growing up. She dazzled her clients each and every time but she never experienced the growth that I knew she could achieve...until she hired an assistant, which was me!

She taught me everything that I know and offer at Evans Virtual Services. She focused on her clients and I took care of her sales calls, booking her appointments, and following up with her clients. Once that shift was made, she could relax and enjoy her business again, which she did for many years.

I am here to serve you and your business so you can enjoy your business again by being more present with your clients and providing them with your very best.

Organized and Efficient

Lauren is a joy to work with! She takes care of my clients and is responsive to them as if they were her own clients. She has assisted with me creating a system that allows me to prioritize which emails to look at first and which one's I can look at later. I recommend her services to anyone who is overworked and not getting what they want from their business.

Charles O.

CO Software Advantage

Let’s Start Working Together!

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